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As summer winds down and the Earth once again tilts on its axis away from the fiery star in the sky, cooler afternoons and shorter days bring with them the excitement of a new season of adventure. And while summer is often the time of year when most of us travel abroad, autumn and winter are prime times to see some of the worlds most beautiful landscapes, cities and natural wonders. So if you’re feeling blue because you think your traveling months are behind you, fret not and in the coming months consider visiting one of these five breathtaking places on our beautiful blue planet.

Elephant Nature Park and Akha Hill Tribe Village- Northern Thailand

Do you ever get the urge to hang out with elephants? Well you can! Chiang Mai, affectionately known by Thai pepole as the rose of the north, offers a plethora of attractions including its Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary and rescue center for elephants and other wild animals in need. Feeding, playing and helping to rehabilitate elephants are just some of the things you can do while visiting. For those seeking to journey into Thai history, just one-hour north in Chiang Rai, one can visit the Akha hill tribe, where homes on stilts, dirt floors and no-electricity bring about a sense of how daily living may have been hundreds, or even thousands of years ago.

Cathedral Rock- Sedona, Arizona

For more local travel, the red sandstone mountains of Sedona, Arizona, offer hiking and site seeing at it’s best. While from afar the mountainous area appears dry and rocky, exploring within the range of red rocks proves otherwise, with lush forests and bodies of water ripe for exploration. And while you’re there, don’t forget to catch a sunset at the Sedona Airport Overlook, where a nearly panoramic view of the skyline glows shades of orange and pink behind the vast range of red, rocky peaks. Enjoy!

Lake Titicaca- Puno, Peru

Although widely known for it’s ancient Incan ruins, Peru is no one-trick pony. From east to west, the country is rich in natural beauty and modern architecture. But alas, one of its most breathtaking sites is the lesser known, Lake Titicaca. From the city of Puno you can catch a boat and head east to navigate the worlds highest body of water and land on Taquile Island. Nestled between Peru and Bolivia at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters with a view of the Andes Mountains, this spot is sure to make you feel like you’re the queen of the world. Eat your heart out, Leonardo DiCaprio!

Victoria Falls- Livingstone, Zambia

As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, Victoria Falls offers hiking, swimming, white water rafting, hang gliding, bungee jumping, and countless photo ops among its falls towering over 300 feet high and 5000 feet wide. It is truly a site to be seen! After your day at the falls, adventurers can enjoy local cuisine like fried meats, vegetables and nshima!

Alder Street Food Cart Pod- Portland, Oregon

How could I end this blog without suggesting a destination that represents the very thing that brings us all together- good eats! Portland, Oregon is a food lover’s dream, with dozens upon dozens of food carts lining the streets of downtown, featuring cuisine from all over the world, from Korean barbeque to Caspian kebab, this travel destination brings it all- good food in a beautiful city and great memories with friends to last a life time.

Are you planning a trip this coming season? Tell your stories in the comments below and share why your travel destination should be our next!

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Yep, that’s me in the far right corner there!






IMG_9342.jpg            IMG_9385.JPG

IMG_2950 2.JPG    IMG_2979.JPG

Tequile Island

IMG_2932 2.JPG
This is the view of a floating island, off the cost of Puno, as you head east on Lake Titicaca.
At the top of the falls, feeling like a million bucks ❤



View of food carts from afar. I forgot to take pics while I was there. Thanks Google Images!

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